About Me

I'm a graduate of the University of Ottawa, where I completed a joint degree program (BaSc. - Chemical Engineering / BSc. - Computer Technology). I have also completed a BSc. from Memorial University, where I majored in Biochemistry. These programs have allowed me to develop strong analytical skills with a broad knowledge of the pure sciences.

John Paul's Headshot

I'm now an employee with the Government of Canada at Transport Canada. In my current position as engineering research officer, I've worked on developing a collaboration environment for engaging Transport Canada's stakeholders (e.g., academia, government, industry). As part of that work, I maintained project documentation, engaged with other government departments, and developed the business requirements of the environment. In recent months, I have started to gain more knowledge of permafrost and how its degradation affects transportation infrastructure in Northern Canada.

Apart from my education and work experience, I love my family, I'm an avid cyclist (check out my Runkeeper account), a lifelong learner, a big fan of music, and an even bigger fan of anything computer-related (e.g., web development, programming, blogging, etc.).