Oh, the many joys of whisking through the wind. Where do I start? I’ve cycled for most of my life (a short break in my mid to late teens). I really got hooked on riding in Summer 2008. I was working in Sudbury, Ontario, with Natural Resources Canada (Mining and Mineral Studies Lab) at the time. My manager gave me an ol’ beater that I could use to for my work commute. I was hooked again. I shouldn’t discredit my earlier influences – there’s a lot of cycling that takes place in the Handrigan clan.

I’ve had a few different bikes since then. An old family heirloom (Mongoose) has been passed through many family members over the years, and finally ended up with me. I got a good couple of summers out of it, until I upgraded (~$60 ten-speed from the 70’s). There’s a story there, that I’ll have to tell another day…

My current line-up of bikes include (I’ll post a few pics sometime soon):

  • Trek (Touring)
  • Aquila (Racing)
  • Giant (Commuter)

Three bikes you ask? Is this excessive? Maybe a little… but I do ride all three (just not at the same time).