Permafrost Engineering Short Course

The Permafrost Engineering Short Course explored the following areas:

  • Introduction to permafrost
  • Ground thermal regime in permafrost areas
  • Thermal properties of frozen and unfrozen soils
  • Heat flow equations
  • Freezing of soils (Frost Heave Theory)
  • Mechanics of thawing ground
  • Heat flow modelling
  • Distribution of permafrost in Canada
  • Water and ground ice in permafrost areas
  • Site investigation in permafrost areas
  • Introduction to TempW
  • Frozen soils – Mechanical properties
  • Foundations in permafrost
  • Geophysical investigation in permafrost areas
  • Slope stability in permafrost
  • Permafrost and geotechnical aspects of northern pipelines
  • Impact of permafrost on northern mining