Master of Technology Management (Engineering/Applied Science Technology)

The Master of Technology Management is a program offered by the Marine Institute / Memorial University of Newfoundland. It was designed to provide professionals with strategic planning and decision making skills in the realm of a technology-based organization.

The program provided many opportunities to develop the knowledge and skills essential for managing complex technical operations of innovation-driven industries. Here’s a list of the courses (with descriptions) I’ve completed for the Master of Technology Management (Engineering/Applied Science Technology) program:

  • MSTM6031 – Overview of Technical Operations
      This course provides students with a management approach to the fundamental aspects of production and/or service delivery systems of organizations in concert with marketing, human resources, finance, and information systems. Students will review management decision-making processes including day-to-day operating decisions such as inventory and quality control to long-term strategic decisions such as capacity and location planning.
  • MSTM 6032 – Managing Technological Innovation
      This course provides students with an understanding of managerial practices and tools associated with technological innovation. The course focuses on process and implementation for both incremental and radical innovation and addresses strategic, organizational and managerial issues associated with new, established, small or large organizations.
  • MSTM 6039 – Sustainability and Environmental Responsibility
      This course focuses on tools that can be applied within organizational strategies for sustainability and social responsibility. Students will examine case studies and identify opportunities for improvement through the use of environmental auditing, performance reporting, selection of indicators, environmental risk assessment, modeling and environmental accounting. The course will also address global issues such as climate change and carbon trading.
  • MSTM 6052 – Management of Intellectual Property
      Intellectual Property (IP), as a strategic corporate asset has become a key factor in modern knowledge-based organizations. This course will consider the Intellectual Property tools necessary to effectively protect IP. Furthermore, this course will discuss the best strategies and approaches for value creation through the use of Intellectual Property Rights.
  • MSTM 6037 – Risk Analysis and Operations in the Engineering Technology Sector
      This course focuses on enterprise risk management methodologies and their application, including alignment with strategic objectives; risk identification and analysis; risk management tools; risk mitigation; and strategic emergency planning.
  • MSTM 6034 – Project Management in the Offshore, Health, Fisheries and Engineering Technology Environments
      This course will include an overview of project management. It will include presentations, discussions and case-based analysis around project planning and monitoring; resource planning, budgeting and cost controls; assessing and managing risks; managing team work; effective communications; quality control; and negotiations and contracts.
  • MSTM 6023 – Strategic Planning, Policy, Participation and Management in Technical Operations
      This course is designed to give participants an understanding of the strategic planning and policy development needs and functions of an organization. The course will examine current concepts, approaches and, specifically, the critical role of managers and leaders in the areas of planning, policy development, problem solving and decision making. Strategic planning and policy development in the business must be led by managers who provide overall vision, coordination, decisions on allocation of resources, communication and ongoing commitment, evaluation and support.

Note: Course descriptions were copied from the Memorial University (Marine Institute) website.