Research Assistant (Natural Resources Canada)

I completed two coop work-terms with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) at their Bells Corners campus in Ottawa. I worked with “The Modelling Group” at the time – a group that specializes in computational fluid dynamics (CFD). This was a rewarding experience as it tied together many fundamental theories reviewed in my first two years of engineering studies. It was a great experience to learn the practicality of the theory and seeing its many uses in real world experiences.

During the course of my two work-terms, I was tasked with:

  • Evaluating an open-source computational fluid dynamics toolkit called OpenFOAM to determine its usefulness for the group;
  • Solving engineering problems using fundamentals of heat transfer, mass transfer and knowledge of combustion;
  • Studying combustion models using various CFD tools and software; and
  • Communicating effectively with a CFD company to help find software bugs.

My experience with “The Modelling Group” and NRCan allowed me to:

Near the end of my second work-term with NRCan, I was nominated by my team for the Aileen Proudfoot Award. I was shortlisted, along with 4 other students, and was required to make a short presentation to the executive team on the achievements and contributions I made to NRCan during my work-term.

Sample CFD